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Is Print Journalism Dying or Dead? September 22, 2010

Lascaux Cave Painting courtesy of UNESCO People pluck their best black outfit and lay it on the bed, the driver readies the hearse, and the mourners practice their songs of solace. They grieve for the death of print journalism as if rigor mortis had set in.

Eric Alterman wrote in his article, Out of Print, for The New Yorker, about the issues wreaking havoc with the newspaper industry such as loss of readers, advertisers and market value. Maybe the typical daily newspaper is dead, but democracy needs news gatherers, like print journalists. CNN ran a segment on this subject.

Harbingers of death sang every time a new medium, or era, of journalism began. Yet, journalism survived. Newspaper Death Watch reports the downward decline of newspapers while documenting the new age of journalism. Even documentary film maker, Michael Moore, added his opinion into the discussion by blaming capitalism. 

Media tells print journalism students they are entering an obsolete field, yet those students are still applying for the degree. Students must prepare for the future of print journalism by supplementing their education. Universities need to change curriculum to meet the students needs like Columbia University has done.  They have to expect change, and adapt. If students took minors that made use of online and social media, they could bridge the gap between traditional newspapers and citizen journalist bloggers.

Change scares people and industries. What do you think? Will newspapers go the way of cave drawings? Can they exist solely online?