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Reuseit and A Waste-Free Lunch August 10, 2010

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Reuseit is running a summer sale for supplies for a waste-free lunch.  Not only that, but you can vote for your favorite school to receive a $500 donation from Reuseit to use towards lunch gear.  You can leave a comment to have your school in the running on Reuseit’s Blog or go to the Reuseit Facebook Page.

Reuseit believes in giving back.  They are a 1% For The Planet Member.  This is the perfect time to green your child’s lunch routine, and possibly help out their classroom or school.  It is also a perfect time to green your own lunch routine.  Some of the items in their waste-free lunch supplies can be used for waste-free take-out.  So, go shopping, and stop leaving a trail of trash when you go to lunch or get take-out food.

Reuseit Store

I am a Reuseit Ambassador, and believe in the company.  I do use their products.


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