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Deep-Six The High Fructose Corn Syrup August 6, 2010

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You’ve heard it from me before, get that crap (a.k.a. high fructose corn syrup a.k.a. HFCS) out of your diet.  Now there is a study to confirm what many people have said for years, all sugars are not created equally.  Yes, white sugar is processed, but not to the extent that HFCS is processed.  HFCS is one of the monstrosities of the lab.  Now, not all chemistry is evil, and there is a growing trend in green chemistry.  High Fructose Corn Syrup is not green chemistry.  It may not have the immediate toxicity of strychnine, but it is still dangerous.  Read the article below, and then do yourself and your family a favor, and go through your cabinets, and deep-six everything with that crap in it. It will amaze you all the places it hides.  Don’t assume because one product by a company is free of HFCS that all its products are free of HFCS.  V-8, for example, has fooled our family before.  Their Fusion drink does not have HFCS, but their Splash product does.  Get ready to give your eyes a workout. Hmmm, where are those reading glasses?

Cancer Cells Slurp Up Fructose, US Study Finds


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