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Dehydrator Review, So Far August 4, 2010

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Well, I’ve been using the dehydrator to dry locally grown, organic blueberries.  Now, these blueberries are HUGE, so it has taken much longer than I thought it would.  After talking to others who have also been trying to dehydrate these monster blueberries, I’m not alone in struggling to get these suckers dried.  Literally, some of the blueberries are the diameter of a quarter.  That said, I am happy with the dehydrator itself.  I bought the Sausage Maker Stainless Steel 10-Tray Dehydrator  Model D10 w/Timer from Harvest Essentials.  I upgraded the trays to stainless steel.  This did up the price tag quite a bit from one of the plastic models, but it does have a 20 year warranty that the small plastic ones do not have.  It is big, but I knew that.  Setting up the unit was pretty straight forward.  I do think the literature with the unit could be a bit more informational.  I wanted a stainless steel dehydrator because I didn’t like the idea of heating food on plastic, especially for long periods of time.  This dehydrator is quiet, which I like.  The motor is on the back of the unit, so it blows evenly across the food instead of concentrating the drying on the bottom of the unit.  The trays have 3/8″ holes.  I  wish the company offered stainless steel mesh for small items.  All they offer is a plastic mesh.  I’ll keep looking for a food safe stainless mesh to put on the trays.  The timer is a must have in my mind.  This unit also has a temperature control, which will be helpful for different types of food.  This unit can be used to make sausage, obviously, it’s in the name.  We plan on attempting to make sausage this winter.  I’ll update the review after we have tried that.  Overall, I give the Sausage Maker Model D10 w/Timer a thumbs-up.

Sausage Maker Model D10 w/Timer


One Response to “Dehydrator Review, So Far”

  1. Julie Says:

    Thanks for the review. It is good to know there is a stainless steel option available. I only knew about that Excalibur, but I think those are plastic trays.

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