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Reduce Your Plastic Use August 2, 2010

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Image by Life Without Plastic

There are companies that can help you use less plastic in your daily life than you are currently using.  There are the obvious places to ditch the plastic like switching from disposable plastic bags to quality reusable bags.  Switching from disposable plastic water bottles to reusable water bottles in glass, stainless steel, aluminum or food-safe and BPA-free plastics (my personal favorite is stainless).  If you don’t have perfect water, there are water purifiers on the market that can make almost any water potable.  Now, here’s where it gets interesting; how do you get plastic out of those daily mundane chores.  Believe it or not people used to clean without plastic.  A company in Germany is making things like toilet and dish brushes without plastic.  I have found an Internet company called Life Without Plastic that carries these brushes, plus stainless steel ice-cube trays, stainless steel drink ware and tableware, plastic-free toys, even a plastic-free fly swatter.  Then there are the places outside your home where using a reusable instead of disposable plastic.  Getting into this habit is hard, but oh-so-worthwhile.  Our family loves Dharma Glass Straws and Endurance Stainless Steel Straws.  My new favorite to replace a disposable is the Sanctus Mundo Airtight Watertight Takeout Containers.  These containers range in size from 3″ diameter to 6.25″ diameter.

Look around your life.  Every time you are about to buy another plastic thing, consider if you could find that product in a plastic-free form.  You might be surprised.  These items will most likely cost more initially, but they will probably last longer.  At the end of their useful life, these products are recyclable or biodegradable.

This is a short list of resources, I could go on and on, challenge yourself to do so.


Dharma Glass Straws

Eco Baby Steps

Plastic Free Pledge

Terra Trendz


Posh Pouches


One Response to “Reduce Your Plastic Use”

  1. Love this list. Great ideas!

    One of my favorites is PeopleTowels. Although they don’t replace plastic, they do replace a commonly used disposable: paper towels in public bathrooms.

    PeopleTowels are organic cotton, reusable personal hand towels you carry with you to use at work or in any public bathroom. People in Japan have been using similar items for years.

    Their website has some great stats on how many paper towels are thrown away every year (and remember, they’re going to landfills, not being recycled):

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