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Uncle Sam is Non-GMO! July 30, 2010

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I recently wrote the company that makes Uncle Sam Cereal.  It is a favorite of mine because it has a ton of fiber and almost no sugar.  I love to mix Uncle Sam Cereal with Mixed Berries with low-sugar yogurt, hemp seed, and a couple of nuts.  This makes a healthy breakfast that sticks with me for hours.  I try to eat organically as much as possible, so  I wrote Uncle Sam to see if they were planning on going organic.  Although they do not have plans to go organic, they do use non-GMO ingredients.  Non-GMO is nearly as good, if not better, than organic, in my mind.  Uncle Sam is also working to source verify their wheat back to the farmer.  Uncle Sam Cereal is part of Attune Foods.  Attune Foods makes pro-biotic, whole grain, organic and whole foods.  You can read the labels without a chemistry degree.  Some of the other brand under Attune are: ErewhonNew Morning, and Skinner.


4 Responses to “Uncle Sam is Non-GMO!”

  1. That’s cool to know, I don’t really buy packaged food but I know others that sometimes do.

    I do have a question though, how is no-gmo better than organic? Organic can’t be GMO but has no pesticides and things like that. Just wondering if I’m missing something haha.

  2. greengirlinc Says:

    It depends on the crop. Some crops simply have very little chemicals used in their production. I also know a number of farmers around here that aren’t certified organic, because it takes years to get the certification, but they are using organic practices. I guess those reasons are why I said having non-GMO is as good as organic. Thanks for the question.

  3. Okay I get it now lol. I buy non-certified local food that is raised organically or better but the farmers don’t want to buy to be certified. However Uncle Ben’s could afford to be USDA hehe.

  4. Certified organic arable crops (at least in the UK – via the Soil Association’s organic certification scheme) have multiple advantages over conventionally-farmed crops, including:

    * They must be GMO-free.
    * They must be grown without routine use of artificial pesticides.
    * They must be grown without routine use of artificial fertilisers.

    Non-GMO arable crops only share the first of those advantages.

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