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Jack Johnson:Great Music from A Super Green Guy July 27, 2010

The other night I had the privilege of seeing Jack Johnson in concert.  He played in Somerset, WI at River’s Edge, which is an outdoor venue.  Jack Johnson is a wonderful musician.  He is also a very green guy.  Jack Johnson records his music with solar energy, which gives the cleanest recording sound because there is no fluctuation in power to create background distortion.  He also belongs to 1% For The Planet, which means he gives at least 1% of revenue to environmental causes.  For the concert, he encouraged attendees to carpool, take public transportation, or bike to the concert.  At the concert, water fountains were in place for people to refill their own reusable bottles, there were booths set up so people could buy CO2 offsets,  or donate to non-profits.  Great, little, recycled paper booklets were handed out that were full of information on how to take actions to be more sustainable and green.  I believe Jack Johnson is someone who is actually walking the walk of a more sustainable life.  On top of all that, he puts on an amazing show.  If you have an opportunity, go see Jack Johnson in concert.


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