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Are Your Bananas Killing the Rain Forest? July 18, 2010

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Image provided by Rainforest AllianceBananas are the number one fruit consumed around the world.  And why not?  They are tasty, easy to put in a lunch and come in their own packaging.  My whole family loves them.  It is one of the few fruits or vegetables that I don’t buy from a local producers.  I’ve been buying organic bananas for years thinking that was enough of an effort, but apparently it is not.  Even many organic bananas are produced in a way that destroys the rain forests of the world.  So what should we do?  Stop eating bananas?  That is probably not the answer.  If bananas are grown correctly, and with a social conscience, the banana industry provides many people with important jobs to take care of their families.  Two companies in particular are working with The Rainforest Alliance to change the banana growing industry.  Favorita’s bananas grown in Ecuador and Chiquita’s bananas grown in Guatemala, Honduras, Costa Rica and Panama are Rainforest Alliance certified.  Only 15 % of the bananas on the market are Rainforest Alliance certified.  It does take some work on your part to make sure the bananas you do buy have the certification.  Some groups think Americans should stop buying bananas all together, but I think buying the right bananas is the answer.  To find the full list of banana farmers that are certified by the Rainforest Alliance please visit their website.  At the Rainforest Alliance site you can also find other crops that are certified, such as mango, coffee and chocolate.  Let’s all work to make sure that what we eat doesn’t kill the world’s rain forests.

Rainforest Alliance-Bananas


One Response to “Are Your Bananas Killing the Rain Forest?”

  1. I love bananas but I only buy them as a special treat because they are so bad for the environment. People are working on a way to grew them in the US though so maybe that will work and we can have local bananas. 🙂

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