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The New Tesla Roadster July 10, 2010

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While I was visiting in Boston I came across a Tesla rep who was showing off the new Tesla Roadster.  I was not able to drive it, but I was able to have a seat in the Roadster and get a bit comfy.  This is a beautiful, sexy sports car.  According to Tesla’s literature the Roadster can hit 60 MPH in 3.7 seconds and will travel 245 miles on a single charge.  All of that is with no tailpipe emissions.  The downside to the Roadster is that after the Federal tax credit this car will set you back over $101,000.  This is definitely not a family vehicle, but for those with money to burn, a need for speed, and someone with a passion for green; this is your vehicle.

Tesla Motors Roadster


2 Responses to “The New Tesla Roadster”

  1. Very cool! Not many people get to sit in a Tesla! I want one so badly! haha

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