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Gasland July 7, 2010

Filed under: Uncategorized — Tiffany C @ 8:07 AM

Photo Credit: Gasland the Movie

Gasland is another one of those must see movies.  Gasland is a film by Josh Fox.  I watched him a few nights ago on John Stewart and I’m putting this movie high on my “To Watch” list.  It’s another example of why we have to start using Green Energy, yesterday.  The Gulf is not the only area being affected by the inherent problems with fossil fuels, and the corruption of the companies making fantastic profits from fossil fuels due to our endless appetite for those fuels.  I know sometimes there are things we just don’t want to hear, but we need to hear them.  We can’t keep sticking our head in the sand and acting like there is not a big problem with how we get and use energy in this country.  You know what you end up with?  A head full of tar balls.


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