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Do You Sofishare July 5, 2010

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Sofishare is an interesting and creative solution for traveling, and having access to cars and bicycles.  It is the brain child of Eric Spaeth from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  Have you heard of people swapping houses for vacations?  It is a bit like that.  There is a network of people who sign up and agree to share their cars and bicycles.  The difference is that you can also share you mode of transportation in your own town and there are fees.  When you’re not using your vehicle or bike you can rent it out to other participating members.  The member with the cars or bikes set their own rates and can make them hourly, daily or weekly.  I think at this time it is better suited for larger metropolitan areas, but as it grows it may be workable for mid-sized cities.  It is an especially clever idea when it comes to trucks.  I know a number of people who have trucks just for hauling stuff like their boats and RVs.  What if they rented out the truck to people who needed to haul things, but only once-in-a-while?  That would be great!  Please take a look at Eric’s site.  There is much more information about the program listed on the Sofishare site.


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