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Wash Those Reusable Bags July 3, 2010

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Baggu Bags from Reuseit

Now there is a study out that states reusable bags are a breeding ground for bacteria.  If you don’t wash them I suppose that is true.  Another reason I love my ACME bags; they wash up so nicely.  I know many of the bags I have are washable, but some kinds, like some of the insulated ones, are not.  Those bags are supposed to be wiped out and air-dried.  So how do we sanitize them?  I think wiping them down with a vinegar solution would work.  I also like a product called Bac-Out.  I use it with my husbands really stinky work-out clothes.  I’m sure you could wet a rag with Bac-Out and wipe out your bag. I know the sun sanitizes items; hanging or sitting any of the bags in the sun should help to kill bacteria.  For another level of safety, how about color coding your bags.  Red for meat, yellow for chicken, green for fruit/veggies and blue for fish, or something like that.


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