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Green Roofs and You June 29, 2010

Photo Credit: Chicago Green Roof

Have you heard about green roofs?  A green roof is when layers are added to a roof and a growing medium and plants are added.  They are more than pretty.  Green roofs have many benefits; nearly doubling the life of the existing roof underneath, reducing storm runoff, reducing urban flooding, reducing the heat island effect, reducing the heat load of a building (in doesn’t get as hot to begin with), reducing the heating and cooling needs of a building, added sound insulation, adding green space to inner cities, bring food production into cities, creating habitat for birds and beneficial insects, improved air quality, reduction in CO2, creating microclimates, the list really goes on and on.   There are two main types of green roofs; extensive and intensive.  Extensive are less expensive and lighter because they are not as deep.  They typically have mostly sedum and shallow rooted plants.  Intensive are more expensive and heavier, but you can put larger plants and food plants into the mix.  They both have benefits and drawbacks.   Chicago is a leader in green roof systems.  They are not cheap to install, but the energy savings from heating and cooling a building quickly pays for the cost.  To learn more about green roofs check out these sites.


International Green Roof Congress

Chicago Green Roofs

I do have one other question.  Does anyone know of a green roof contractor in Western Wisconsin?  Thanks for any information or feedback.


2 Responses to “Green Roofs and You”

  1. Silvia Smith Says:

    Keep up the Good Work!

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