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Happy Father’s Day! Is It Green? June 20, 2010

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I hope all you dads are loving your Father’s Day.  So, is this Father’s Day a greener one for you?  Hopefully you are spending the day doing what you want, whether it’s time with your kids, golfing, fishing, boating or grilling.  In a couple of blogs I wrote about places to find eco-products for Father’s Day, like Reuseit for cool, reusable bottles, travel coffee mugs, reusable bags, or maybe a Built lunch bag.  There are also ways to green some of your favorite sports like golf and basketball with recycled content balls and bio-degradable golf tees.  Have you ever thought about asking your favorite golf course to really green their greens?  Golf typically is a pretty nasty choice when it comes to being eco-friendly; high water usage, high herbicide, pesticide and fertilizer usage, and a lot of air pollution and petroleum usage from all the machinery.  Audubon International has a program to help golf courses become eco-friendly.  You can also green your fishing trip by using those reusables instead of disposables and swapping your lead tackle to lead-free tackle. Lead in fishing tackle and lead shot kills many animals each year.  Also, make sure you pack all your trash out at the end of your fishing day.  If you boat then make sure your engine is tuned-up and in perfect working condition so it won’t pollute the water, and again, be responsible with what you take out and bring back.  Grilling can even be greened by switching from petroleum briquettes to real, natural, hardwood charcoal.  Seriously, charcoal briquettes should be called petroquettes, ick.  You can also green your grilling day by cooking locally and sustainably produced food.  The final step to clean up your grilling act is by NOT choosing disposable paper and plastic plates, disposable plastic silverware, disposable cups and paper napkins.  It’s really not that hard to wash up some dishes, especially since most of us have dishwashers.  Have a great Father’s Day and make it as green as you can for your children’s future.


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