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A Solar Oven for Dad June 15, 2010

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Does your dad love to cook outside?  Does your dad love to camp?  I’ve got another green gift idea for him, and your family; a solar oven.  You can use a solar oven year round as long as you have sunshine.  It is ideal for Southern and Southwest United States, and other countries around the world, where there is abundant sunshine.  Solar ovens have even been used high in the mountains in the winter.  You just need sunshine; the ambient temperature is irrelevant.  The Solar Oven Society is a not-for-profit organization that sells solar ovens here in the U.S., to help subsidies solar ovens to impoverished nations, where cooking fuel is hard to come by.

Women around the world spend much of their day collecting firewood for fuel to cook for their families.  The other part of their day is then spent retrieving water.  With a solar oven, these same women can free up many hours in their day to pursue other things, like making goods to sell to support their family.  With the solar oven, these same women can also boil water they collect to ensure its safety for drinking.

Around the world, forests have been decimated to provide fuel for cooking.  With solar oven use, there is a chance these forests can recover, providing habitat for endangered animals.  If these habitats recover, the ecosystems can recover, which increases biodiversity back to areas where it had been lost.

As you can see there is a massive domino effect for impoverished countries, when solar ovens are introduced, and utilized.  Using solar ovens benefits us here in the U.S., as well.  By using a solar oven, you save energy all year round, but especially in the summer.  When you use a solar oven in the summer it keeps the heat out of your kitchen, so your home stays cooler, and you have less need for air conditioning.  A solar oven is also a fantastic teaching tool for your children.

Investing in a solar oven is a good choice for your family, and other families around the world.  Give dad something to really smile about this Father’s Day with an eco and ethical gift.


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