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More Green Gifts for Dad June 13, 2010

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Are you still looking for an eco-friendly gift for dad?  I’ve got a few more ideas.

1) A chess set made from recycled auto parts.  Nothing says manly like gear-head stuff and nothing says smart like a chess set.  This is the best of both worlds.  Auto parts chess set.

2) Recycle rubber basketball.  Wilson not only has a recycled content tennis bag, but they also have a recycled rubber basketball called the Wilson Rebound.

3) A recycled fabric golf bag by Wilson called the Wilson Staff Eco-Carry.

4) How about some organic beer.  This is a list of some organic beers from the North American Organic Brewers Festival.  Here in Wisconsin we have a fantastic local brewery called New Glarus Brewing that carries an organic brew Organic Revolution.

5) What about a recycled beer bottle to put his organic beer into.  The Green Glass Company makes glasses made from beer, soda, and wine bottles.

6) Guys love gadgets, Solio is a solar-powered gadget to charge their other gadgets.

7) Speaking of gadgets, here is a whole site full of EnviroGadgets.

8 ) The most eco-friendly sporting equipment is second-hand equipment.  Check with your local sporting store or Play It Again Sports to see what great deals you can find on gently used equipment.

9) Sporting and casual clothing in eco-fibers is another idea for whatever your dad is into.  Patagonia Men’s Shop carries organic cotton and E-Fiber clothing which is made from recycled material, hemp, and chlorine-free wool.  Much of it is recyclable through Patagonia’s Common Threads Program.

10) For the foodie dad, how about a great, gourmet meal made with local and organic ingredients.  In Eau Claire, we have a wonderful farmers market and, of course, Just Local Foods.  Even our other traditional grocery stores carry some local and organic food; Festival Foods and Hahn’s Market are two examples.  I’m sure you can find local and organic most anywhere in the country, or wherever you are.

Make this Father’s Day a great, and green one.


One Response to “More Green Gifts for Dad”

  1. Jessica Says:

    Wow, great list! Another great option for a foodie guy is Sustainable Sourcing I found a great gift set of Himalayan pink salt and organic peppercorns for my food/cook loving husband. I think he is going to love it! I love that it is a zero carbon gift and they donate to environmental causes!

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