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Greening the Summer Festival Experience June 12, 2010

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Summer is full of summer festivals.  I know our family looks forward to them, especially after a long, cold winter.  How can we make our summer festival experience a more sustainable affair?  I have a short list of some simple things we can all do.

1) Bring those reusable bags.  They are great for the special arts and crafts that vendors sell at these events.  What’s great about those special finds is they are typically produced by local artists and artisans.  I like my ACME Bags from Reuseit, but I also like a backpack style bag that frees up my hands, and saves my one shoulder from all the carrying.  I found that Chico makes a great day pack out of recycled fiber.  I bought mine at a local store called Mother Nature’s Food, but you can also find the day packs at ChicoBag.

2) Remember those reusable water bottles.  Again, many bottles are available from Reuseit.  One that is great for lugging all day is the Platypus which collapses when it’s empty.  Carrying your bottles when you’re done is another reason for your reusable bags.  I have also found many bottles at local stores.  I  bought a beautiful handcrafted wood mug at a Renaissance Festival years ago.  I take that along for my water and my mead.

3) Take along a reusable straw and silverware.  So often when we are at temporary outdoor events everything is disposable.  To reduce your festival footprint take your own utensils in your reusable bag.  You can dig through some old camping equipment for it or hit Reuseit again for their varied travel silverware.  They have a bamboo set with chopsticks in a carrying pouch.  They also have a new type of spork made of plastic or titanium.  My daughter’s favorite item is her glass reusable straw by Dharma, but if you’re nervous about a glass straw there is a stainless steel one at Reuseit as well.

4) How about a reusable towel like People Towels or the Skoy?  You could bring some old cloth napkins from home too. That way you won’t need to use paper towels or napkins.

5) Finally, make sure you recycle, if you do wind up using a disposable water bottle or aluminum can.  If the festival doesn’t have recycling then take your recycling with you.


3 Responses to “Greening the Summer Festival Experience”

  1. bookstosavour Says:

    I can’t find the bag pictured. Do you have a link?

  2. greengirlinc Says:

    Sorry about that. Here is the link
    It’s the Gecko Traders Recycled Wave Tote.

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