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Happy World Oceans Day June 8, 2010

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Today is World Oceans Day. This became an official holiday in 2008. With the Gulf oil spill there has been attention, as of late, paid to the sea. It is easy, usually, to forget about how important the world’s oceans are, especially for people who don’t live near them. We forget that the oceans give us most of our oxygen. The oceans regulate our climate. Oceans give us food and medicine, and holds most the world’s biodiversity. The oceans also clean the planet’s water. Spread the word and wear blue today. The oceans are the cradle of all life on Earth, and it’s important that we remember, and honor that.  The link below will take you to The Ocean Project which will give you more information, including how to celebrate with Dr. Seuss.  Can you say “Red Fish, Blue Fish”?

The Ocean Project


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