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A Greener Father’s Day June 7, 2010

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Sometimes dads are hard to buy for, especially when going greener in our gift giving.  I’ve listed sources for some green gifts.  In the list is everything from recycled content tennis bags from Wilson Sports to gourmet, organic coffee from Eco Express.  For the sporting dad there are eco-friendly options like the tennis bag I already mentioned, recycled content golf balls by Dixon, biodegradable golf tees by ECO Golf, eco-friendly bikes by Trek, sustainably produced surf boards by Ocean Green, recycled content kayaks by Walden Sports, and green running shoes by Brooks.

For the dad that is not into sports, Eco Express has items like organic, gourmet coffee, wine and chocolate. They also carry solar bags.  Reuseit has a men’s eco-gifts section with includes reusable bags that even the coolest dad won’t mind carrying, and reusable bottles and travel coffee mugs.  For the dad that loves to garden, what about a cordless electric mower?   You could go one step better, and get an old-fashioned reel mower, and offer to do the mowing for a month.

Other ideas for dad that have a tiny footprint would be a day of R & R, a massage for those sore muscles, or a coupon book made by the kids.  There are many more ideas like the ones I’ve listed.  Think creatively and outside the “box”.  Sometimes the best gifts are the simple ones.  Take what your dad likes and think about how to green that gift idea.

Wilson ECO-Pro Backpack

Dixon Golf

Eco Golf Tees

Trek Bikes Eco Designs

Ocean Green

Walden Sports

Brooks Running

Eco Express

Reuseit Men’s Gift Center


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