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Mushrooms Saving the World June 1, 2010

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Do you know TED?  I don’t mean a person.  I’m referring to TED talks: Ideas worth spreading.  I’ve seen a number of these videos in different classes I’ve taken over the last 3 years.  This TED talks link is to a presentation given by Paul Stamets, about how he believes mushrooms can save the planet.  One experiment Mr. Stamets shows took numerous piles of soil, and polluted them with petroleum.  One pile was treated with fungi.  Out of all the piles, the fungi pile was the only one that recovered, and actually thrived.  It’s a pretty technical, and longer presentation, but if you decide to watch it, you’ll be impressed.  I have a friend that’s done work with fungi, and sends boxes filled with spores to people to propagate, and use for soil amending.  This is very interesting research, especially considering what is going on in the Gulf with this oil spill catastrophe.  I wish the people of Louisiana could connect with the fungi people to try and heal the coastline.

Paul Stamets on TED


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