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Cinnamon is Our Friend May 26, 2010

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I love cinnamon.  I love the smell and the taste of it.  It is great for keeping blood sugar level on an even keel.  Another great thing about cinnamon is that ants hate it.  We have a mailbox the ants like to take over, and make into a nursery every summer.  A couple of summers ago, when I was trying to find an eco ant killer, I came across some info that cinnamon worked.  Sure enough, it worked like a charm.  We’ve also used it as a barrier around our house to keep the carpenter ants at bay by sprinkling it next to the foundation.  Use enough so you can see a line.  Yes, you do need to put more around your house if you have a huge storm, but it’s cheaper and healthier than toxic chemical.  I buy it in the bulk food section to save even more.


2 Responses to “Cinnamon is Our Friend”

  1. suzukitwinkler Says:

    This is great! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Thanks for the tip! We have lots of ants around our yard. We use EcoSmart for all bugs but this would be good for between spraying or if we get them in the house.

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