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Summer and a Fan May 25, 2010

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Well, I don’t know about where you live, but where I live summer has hit, hard.  I know A/C is a huge energy suck, so I try my best not to use it and to set our thermostat as high as my family will let me.  When it’s hot your ceiling fan is your friend, well, any fan is your friend.  There is a secret to fans.  They do not actually cool the air, no they don’t.  Fans create a windchill on your skin to make you feel cooler.  It’s like when it’s -15 in the winter and there is a wind to create a -30 windchill.  The air is not actually that cold , but your body responds like it is.  Fans create a windchill for our bodies, but when we are not in the room they simply take more energy and give no benefit.  Also, make sure your fan is blowing down, and not pulling up towards the ceiling.  So, remember, turn off your fan when you leave the room, just like you turn off your lights.  By taking advantage the fan’s secret, you’ll save money, and be more comfortable.


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