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Nanos On Our Face? May 23, 2010

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Do nanos belong on our face?  That is the question being asked  by nano-scientists and others.  Nanos have some amazing medical and scientific applications.  Some of these applications could help cure cancer, and much more.  In a scientific setting, there is a lot of control.   We do not know if there are short or long-term ramifications with skin use.  Thinking about nano use in cosmetics reminds me of the old saying “just because we can do it, doesn’t mean we should do it.”  Beyond the possible health effects on people, there is now evidence that shows nanoparticles in cosmetics and sunscreens can harm the environment.  Until we understand all the possibilities associated with nanos for personal, cosmetic use, it makes sense to stay away from them.  For now, lets keep them in the lab and off our face.  I have attached a couple of articles I ran across on the nano-cosmetic issue.

Safety of Nano-Cosmetics Questioned

Studies Show Nanoparticles…Can Harm the Envionment.


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