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A Stapless Stapler May 15, 2010

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You’ve just written a paper that is due in an hour.  You go to staple the three sheets together, and voila!  Nothing happens.  Click, click, click.  You are out of staples.  Digging in your junk drawers turns into a fruitless endeavor, because your last box of staples is empty.  What if you never needed staples again?  Well, I can’t promise that, but if you only need to staple four sheets, or less, at a time you won’t need staples.  There is actually a staple-free stapler by a company called Made by Humans.  It is genius.  I’ve used mine this last semester for smaller papers I’ve written, and it’s great.  My son has used one as well.  It’s very helpful if you are shredding papers since you do not have to remove staples.  It cuts down on waste in the creating, shipping and disposal of staples.  Now, if you have a paper longer than four (maybe 5) pages you will need to use a traditional stapler or you could use a binder clip that is reusable.  But for small jobs, this does the trick, plus it comes in fun colors, and has eco-friendly packaging.  Reuseit carries it on their website.  I’ve included a picture of what the paper “stitch” looks like and the Staple Free Stapler in its packaging.  A link to Reuseit is below.
Staple free stapler at Reuseit

Photo Credit: Reuseit


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