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Say No to Single Use Towels May 7, 2010

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Kleenex Hand Towels, great, another disposable.  Not only that, but the box has been treated for water-resistance, which will most likely make it non-recyclable.  I will say this for the product, at least it has recycled content.  I understand using paper towels when someone in your home is sick with the flu, but it’s overkill for everyday use.  We should focus on proper hand washing.  Teach you children to wash for AT LEAST 20 seconds.  To help remember to wash long enough sing the Happy Birthday song twice.  Instead of trashing more stuff we should invest in a few more hand towels and change those out daily.  There are some fantastic bamboo hand towels that are naturally anti-microbial and anti-fungal.  I’ve seen bamboo towels at major department stores, discount department stores and online.  I have some bamboo towels, and I love them; they are so soft and absorbent.  But, the truth is any towel will work.  Please, try and reduce your use of disposables and think reuse.

Green Earth Bamboo Towels

Organic Bamboo Towels

Reuseit’s Skoy-Paper-Towel-Replacement


4 Responses to “Say No to Single Use Towels”

  1. Venia Says:

    Amen! I cringed when I saw the ads for these.

  2. I think the fact that I don’t use paper towels is one of the things people don’t understand how I do it the most.

    It’s not hard at all. Thankfully I grew up in a house were we used real towels to dry our hands and dishes and such and rags to clean with. Now I have stopped using them all together and just have lots of Skoy cloths and rags. Super easy and no bits of paper and lent to clean up!

  3. Amy Says:

    It is really about washing your hands correctly. There is no short cut. Paper towels are not going to decrease the spread of germs if washing is not done properly. Not only can you stop using paper towels at home but also when you are out. You can BYOT(bring your own towel) such as a PeopleTowel and save some trees when you are at work, school, or the local coffee shop. We really do not need more disposables in our life.

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