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Replacing Produce Bags April 18, 2010

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I’m sure many of you already have your arsenal of reusable shopping bags, and that is fantastic.  If you don’t, then it’s time to get on board, and buy a set of reusable bags.  You literally can find reusable shopping bags everywhere now.  My favorite bags are still the Acme Workhorse bag that fold into its own pouch.  These bags can fit into a pocket or purse easily.  For those that have been on the reusable page for years, the next step is the produce bags.  I tried some organic cotton produce bags from Reuseit, but I never was quite content with them,  I have purchased a variety of synthetic, mesh ones.  I bought 3 different brands to see which I liked the best.  I haven’t had time to try them yet, but I appreciate the concept of recycled PET bags.  I found all the bags, including the organic, cotton, mesh bags and the Acme bags at Reuseit.  I also found the Flip & Tumble set at one of my favorite local stores The Coffee Grounds.  Take the next step in greening your shopping trip with reusable produce bags and help keep plastic bags out of landfulls (yes, I meant to write landfulls) and the ecosystem.

Flip & Tumble made from polyester.

Baggu Reusable Produce bag made of nylon.

SmartCycle Recycled PET Produce bags.

Photo Credit: Reuseit


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