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A Time to Not Water April 14, 2010

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Some of my great fans on my Facebook Green Girl Inc. fan page noted that they didn’t water their lawn at all.  That is the ideal scenario, especially if you live in a dry or drought-prone region.  Over the last few years dry and drought-prone describes  much of the U.S..  How do you have a nice yard and not waste such a valuable resource.  Here are a list of suggestions to lower water consumption, bills and maintenance.

1) Reduce the amount of lawn or turf grass that you have to the smallest patch you can.

2) Plant native species in flower beds. Native species don’t need coddling that introduced species do.

3) If you don’t have heavy foot traffic or kids playing in your yard consider a ground cover (like creeping phlox or clover) that once established needs no water or mowing.  Get your weekends back!

4) Plant hardy, slow-growing grass such at a no-mow fescue lawn or fescue blend.  Buffalo grass is another option.

5) Install a rain garden to catch runoff

6) Xeriscape, especially in a dessert region. Xeriscape would include native drought resistant plants (like succulents and cacti) and rocks.

7) Simply don’t be pressured to follow the herd, and have the typical Kentucky bluegrass manicured lawn.

By doing some, or all, of these suggestions you can not only lower your water demand, but you can forgo the nasty lawn chemicals that typically come with a great expanse of manicured lawn.  You will create a unique and healthy environment for your family and wildlife.  And one other huge plus, you won’t have to devote your weekends to keeping up your yard by mowing, fertilizing, and applying chemicals.  I have links to resources for some of these lawn alternatives.

Nichols Garden Nursery

Prairie Nursery


Less Lawn


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