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Coal is a Killer April 11, 2010

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I’ve written about the problems, dangers, and inherent toxicity of coal in the past.  The horrible tragedy this last week in West Virginia only stands to prove that coal is detrimental for all involved, well, except the energy company owners, like Mr. Don Blankenship.  The link I posted shows how corrupt this guy is, and I don’t think he’s an anomaly in the industry. Coal is killing the people who work in the mines, the environments around the mines, and the landscapes around the mines.  Once the coal is out of the mines, and burned it releases radiation, mercury, dioxin, sulfur dioxide, nitrous oxide, arsenic and cadmium.  It is bad!  Coal is killing people every day, but not as dramatically as the poor miners at Upper Big Branch Mine.  It is shameful that it takes a catastrophe of this magnitude to highlight the dangers of coal.  I could go on, but the article attached demonstrates my point perfectly.  We need to stop wasting energy, and be more efficient.  We have to support green energy.  Cheap energy is not cheap when people die.

Hating on Don Blankenship Before It Was Cool


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