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Sustainable Seafood and Chefs April 7, 2010

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It is a consumers responsibility to eat sustainable seafood, but isn’t it also a chefs responsibility to cook sustainable seafood?  I think it’s a collaborative effort.  Both parties need to educate themselves on what seafood is a good eco-choice and what is not.  I have attached more links than usual today, but the first one is the most important.  The Seafood Selector is Environmental Defense Fund’s guide to responsible seafood choices.  There is even a printable pocket guide for both seafood AND sushi.   The other links are to chef sites and interviews containing information about sustainable seafood cooking.  We are all responsible for keeping the ocean diversity in place.  If people aren’t eating species, such as the blue fin tuna, on the verge of collapse, then we’ll give those fish a chance to rebound so everyone can enjoy them in the future.   When I go out to eat I always ask where the fish is from.  The most common fish that I refuse is the Atlantic salmon, which is usually farmed in a non-sustainable manner.  Please help keep the ocean diverse. and  encourage your local chefs to do the same.

Seafood Selector

A Sustainable Kitchen

Sustainable Fish

Chefs Collaborative: Seafood Solutions

Marine Conservation-Chef Dan Barber

Marine Conservation- Chef Mario Batali


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