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Plastic in Facial Scrubs April 6, 2010

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Does your facial scrub contain microbeads or microcrystals?  If it contains those “micros” or polyethylene, then your facial or body scrub contains tiny plastic beads, which wash down the drain into our watersheds, and eventually into our oceans.  Our oceans are already turning into a plastic soup of sorts without people washing these plastic beads straight down the drain.  Many of the common drug store facial and body scrubs contain these plastic particles.  There are many other exfoliators that are natural and biodegradable; such as sugar, sea salt or crushed seeds, pits, shells and nuts.  Although, the cheapest way to get a scrub is simply to add sugar to any cleanser that you are currently using.  Sea salt, quinoa, corn meal, oatmeal and baking soda are also natural and inexpensive exfoliators.  The list of products with polyethylene is quite long.  Below I have a couple of links to Environmental Working Group.  They rate ingredients in products on many factors including cancer-causing agents, toxicity etc…  They list all the ingredients in each product.  I posted links to all the scrubs and facial washes with polyethylene.  EWG covers much more than cosmetics, so you may want to look around the site.  Please, next time you reach for a body or skin scrubbing product, choose one without plastic exfoliants.

Skin Care Exfoliants with Polyethylene

Facial Cleansers with Polyethylene


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