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BPA in Your Receipts? April 1, 2010

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Is there BPA in the receipt from your last purchase?  There’s a very good chance there is.  So, what’s the big deal if there is?  Well, what do you do with your receipts?  Do you recycle them?  Could the receipts wind up recycled into toilet paper, and leach into the water table?  Do you just toss that paper?  Maybe the paper ends up in a landfull  (yes, I meant landfull).  When that paper breaks down won’t that BPA leach into ground water?  Perhaps the BPA will rub off on your skin, and absorb into your body.  If you don’t wash your hands after handling the receipts, you could ingest the BPA when you eat.  BPA is an estrogen-mimicking chemical.  There is growing concern over BPA use.  To find out more, please read the article attached.

Concerned about BPA: Check your Receipts


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