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The Story of Bottled Water March 24, 2010

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Why do so many people walk around with disposable bottles of water?  Annie explains more stuff to us.  Annie Leonard explained our demand for “stuff” in the “Story of Stuff”, well now she does it again in the “The Story of Bottled Water”.  I know my family and I have come a long way in reducing our demand for bottled water.  I admit, once in a while, we still wind up purchasing a bottle, but it is very rare, very.  When we do buy a bottle of water we make sure it’s recycled, even if that means carrying it back home.  I certainly do not order bottled water in a restaurant, especially since I don’t like sparkling water, and never have.  This is a much shorter video than the “Story of Stuff”.  Take a few minutes to watch.  If you don’t have time to watch the video, let me put it in a nutshell.  Save your money, save the environment and drink tap water, especially since most of the bottled water is tap water anyway.

The Story of Bottled Water.


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