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Avoid Dry-Clean-Only Clothes March 15, 2010

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Unless your local dry cleaner uses something besides perchloroethylenel or perc.  Perc,  used by most dry cleaners,  is tied to neurological damage, liver damage and cancer.  Perc in gas form is a pollutant.  There are alternatives to perc that work just as well, but without being toxic.  The EPA is trying to help dry cleaners move away from perc.  One of the best and safest alternatives to perc is carbon dioxide cleaning.  I know, hearing carbon dioxide sends up red flags, but this method recycles CO2 from other industries.  There is also a wet-cleaning process that is non-toxic.  Of course the cheapest and safest bet is buying clothes that you can wash at home.  There is some evidence that people who wear a lot of dry cleaned clothing are at a higher risk for some of the perc side effects. For more information about this  issue, click on the link below.  I also posted a link to help you find a CO2 dry cleaner.  If you can’t find someone close by, ask your favorite dry cleaner to switch to a more eco-friendly alternative.

World Watch

Find CO2


One Response to “Avoid Dry-Clean-Only Clothes”

  1. Ashley Bower Says:

    Hello GreenGirlInc,

    I wanted to contact you about the Solvair Cleaning System (Solvair), which may be of interest to you and your readers. Solvair is a new and radically different option for consumers that represents a major scientific breakthrough in dry cleaning; an eco-friendly clothing care technology that truly works.

    You may have read about other green dry cleaning methods, but Solvair is a different approach; it is a totally planned system, as opposed to just a new dry cleaning machine or alternative solvent. As a system, it has been purposely designed to ensure that both superior cleaning results and good environmental practices are built into the system.

    Solvair cleans clothes with a biodegradable cleaning fluid, conceptually similar to water and detergent in your home washer. Instead of drying clothes with heated air, like traditional dry cleaning or a home dryer, Solvair uses a unique cold liquid carbon dioxide (CO2) drying process, a departure from the clothes have been cleaned and dried for the last century. Drying without heat has many advantages; clothes last longer because it is gentler than traditional heat drying and without heat, stains don’t set. This different kind of process takes cleaning to a higher level, removing a wider range of dirt and stains. Clothes get clean while remaining odor free, with noticeably vivid colors, truer darks, and brighter whites.

    Every aspect of the technology was engineered with environmental, worker and consumer safety in mind. Beyond the selection of safe and eco-friendly cleaning fluids, the system’s closed-loop design minimizes emissions and maximizes purification and reuse of supplies. Solvair’s waste rates are half that of traditional dry cleaning and it does not create any process waste-water. The system also includes an infrastructure for the safe and reliable disposal, reclamation and repurposing of the process wastes.

    Please note that there is inaccurate information about Solvair on the internet posted by competitors and others who have been misinformed. Most widely quoted is a story on the Green America site. This article misidentifies the solvent used in the Solvair process and, as a result, lists health impacts that are not at all associated with Solvair. We have contacted Green America to correct this and are awaiting a response. Sierra Club similarly identified the wrong chemical used by Solvair but have since reviewed the data and removed Solvair from an “avoid” list, suggesting instead that consumers consider Solvair when drycleaning is required.

    For more information on Solvair, please visit our website, I think some of your readers who are interested in eco-friendly garment care or green technologies might find this information interesting. If you have any questions about Solvair or green dry cleaning, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

    Thank you,
    Ashley Bower
    Marketing & Communications Manager
    Solvair LLC

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