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Best Cat Litter Ever! March 7, 2010

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I have finally found the best cat litter ever!  I have been on a quest for years.  Traditional clay cat litter is an environmental nightmare.  The clay is strip mined, which is nasty business.  Then it’s shipped, and because of its weight that makes for a large transportation footprint.  After that it’s dumped into a landfull.  Clay cat litter, both traditional and clumping, is also dusty and tracks though your house.

I’ve tried a long list of cat litters and been dissatisfied with all of them, either because of eco issues, smell issues or tracking issues.  I’ve even tried automated cat boxes, most recently the Cat Genie.  The Cat Genie worked well and was eco-friendly, but then I got a third cat, and things went downhill.

So, what is the best cat litter ever?  It is Green Tea Leaves Clumping litter by Next Gen Pet Products.  It’s made from recycled wood scrap and recycled green tea.  Our cats have used it for a week.  It absorbs the smell so well.  I’ve been amazed with this litters odor absorbency, especially after using the recycled newspaper litter that stunk within a few days.  Green Tea Litter does not track, and it’s remarkably light weight.   Next Gen has another cat litter and some other eco-friendly pet products.  If you can’t find it locally at a store, you can order it directly from Next Gen.  I would ask your local pet or grocery store if they would carry this fantastic product.

Next Gen Pet


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