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Upcycling and Recycling CDs February 8, 2010

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Maybe you have decided to go completely digital like one of my friends.  She has purged her life of CDs.  Maybe you simply have some old damaged CDs or those ridiculous CDs that come in the mail as advertising (what a waste) and don’t know what to do with them.  There are several options to either recycle or upcycle those pesky CDs.  I ran across some practical, funky and fun ideas to reuse or upcycle CDs; hang them in fruit trees to deter animals and birds from eating the fruits of your labor, use them as reflectors along paths or at the end of driveways, cut them up and use them as modern mosaics, my son cut them up and make a kaleidoscope with some other upcycled items, make a wall of them for a modern twist on the mirrored wall, use them as coasters, knit or crochet cozies to use as, again, coasters or tie them together to create a mobile or sun-catcher.  I bet you could come up with even more ideas, especially if you get your kids involved.  Ask an area school if they’d like them to use for craft projects.  If you’re just not the CD crafter type then you can ship them off to a CD recycling center.  All you have to do is pay for the shipping.

CD Recycling Center


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