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Granite’s Downside February 5, 2010

Filed under: Uncategorized — Tiffany C @ 6:27 PM

Granite is a very beautiful stone and many people are shelling out big bucks to install it in their kitchens.  Before you do the same there are a few things you might want to consider.  Now, I’m not saying go and rip out your granite countertop, but there have been a few cases of granite countertops releasing radon and radiation.  Some granite contains uranium and some other “hot” elements, especially some of the exotic granites.  Radiation and radon from granite in the home is a relatively small issue.  There is a recent study that the people most at risk are the granite cutters, about 24,000 nationally.  According to this first study, if a low dust environment is not kept workers are at risk for developing lung cancer.  Finally, the biggest issue with granite is the environmental impact from the mining and transporting of  the stone.   If you’re looking for beautiful and sustainable countertop options there are wonderful products out there made from recycled paper, eco-concrete, bamboo, recycled plastic, recycled glass, recycled stainless steel as well as other metals.  You can truly stand-out from the crowd, have a beautiful countertop and be sustainable.


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