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A Green Valentine Dinner January 30, 2010

Filed under: Uncategorized — Tiffany C @ 5:48 PM

Don’t worry,  I’m almost done with my green Valentine suggestions.  So, the most eco-friendly meal is the one you cook at home with locally sourced, organic ingredients, but sometimes you just really need an evening out with your sweetie.  How do you have an eco-friendly meal out?  Well, hopefully you have a wonderful local restaurant that carries vegetarian fare, organic, grass-fed beef, and other goodies along that line.  I also like to look for a nice, organic wine.  I prefer if it’s made with organically grown grapes as opposed to USDA organically certified wine.  When it’s USDA organic wine they can’t add sulfites, which shortens the shelf life of the wine.  I like aged red wines and without the sulfites you can’t keep it more than a couple years, but for some people with sensitivity to sulfites that might be a plus.  I hope this gives you some good ideas for your special Valentine meal.


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