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Really Green Valentine Flowers January 25, 2010

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Flowers are a true tradition on Valentine’s Day, especially roses.  Unfortunately, most flowers this time of year come from far, far away and have a lot of pesticides used on them.  Some countries use pesticides banned in the U.S. putting the workers and the environment at risk.  So, there is the issue of the energy used for transportation and the petroleum and chemicals used in the pesticides and fertilizers, not a good combination.  There are some solutions to this problem.  One idea is to skip the flowers all together, but that seems a little sad.  Another solution is to buy organic flowers and locally grown flowers.  Hopefully you have a local florist that carries either of these option.  If not, encourage your favorite florist to carry organic or locally grown flowers or, and this is the best of all worlds, locally grown organic flowers.  There are some online resources for organic and domestically grown flowers.

Organic Bouquet

California Organic Flowers

Local Harvest

Terra Bella Flowers


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