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Green Valentine Chocolate January 24, 2010

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Well, the chocolate is not literally green, but it’s environmentally friendly chocolate.  What do you look for in eco-friendly chocolate.  The first is organically grown chocolate.  By looking for organic chocolate you are keeping tons of very nasty chemicals out of the ecosystem which not only helps the ecosystem, but in the end helps us.  Fair trade is very important.  Paying farmers and workers what their work is worth so they can provide for their families and community and keep the environment safe is part of making eco-friendly chocolate.  Lastly it’s about the ingredients.  Not only is the chocolate organic but so is the sugar, coco butter, vanilla etc…  You will not find fillers or unrecognizable ingredients like PGPR.   If you’re lucky enough to have a chocolatier that uses organic ingredients run quickly and treat yourself and those you love.


One Response to “Green Valentine Chocolate”

  1. Eco Friendly Says:

    Japanese women make chocolates for the men whom they have great affection. Eco Friendly

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