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Buyer Beware of Bruck January 14, 2010

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When we buy decorative and functional items for our home we hopefully find the perfect, quality item that’s made to last.  I thought I had done just that in my green kitchen remodel a couple years ago.   Well, it turns out that I was mistaken, at least as far as some of the lighting I bought was concerned.  I purchased a beautiful set of art glass mini pendant lights.  They were expensive, but I felt like they were special pieces and worth the splurge.  I am sad to say they were not.  Both original lights have stopped working.  They are halogen lights with the small pins.  I’ve been told by the company that manufactured them that the porcelain sockets they use are delicate and will wear out over time.  Keep in mind I bought these in October of 2007.  I have replaced the bulbs maybe once in each.  They both failed at different times.  Needless to say I am livid.  I’m not writing to vent my frustrations, although that is a plus, but to warn you away from this company.  The company is Bruck Lighting  and the fixtures are Zara Down.  Run, don’t walk, away if you are ever looking at any of their beautiful, but poorly made lights.  It is not worth it and it is a huge waste of money and resources.  Maybe their other products are not so delicate, but who wants to take that chance.


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