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Maybe Stains Aren’t So Bad November 16, 2009

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At least not compared to the chemicals used to prevent them or the chemicals used to keep food from sticking.  Maybe that elbow grease we used to use was the best way to handle stains and sticking.  We got a workout and didn’t get exposed to potentially toxic chemicals.  That is what some new studies are suggesting.  It is so easy to forget about the constant chemical bombardment our bodies are getting.  There was an informative article about chemicals produced by 3M and DuPont that are the focus of some new studies.  I’ll post the link.  I guess my point is.  Any time you can avoid chemicals you should.  Wrinkle resistant fabrics, stain resisting chemicals, non-stick pans, flame retardants on furniture and in electronics all wind up in our blood.  These chemicals are persistent in the environment and unfortunately in us.  Then the are the chemicals we clean with, wash with, get rid of bugs with, kill weeds with and fertilize with.  The list grows from there when you think about furniture, carpet, paints and solvents.  If we were only dealing with one of these groups of chemicals it would be one thing, but we deal with all these different groups all day long every day.  These chemicals are getting into our soil, air and ground water.  It really makes you think when you look at our chemical exposure that way.  Maybe some of these chemicals are the reason behind the 18% increase in childhood allergies over the last 15 years.  We don’t know what happens when all the different chemicals co-mingle in our systems.   We are allowing ourselves and our kids to be guinea pigs.  I’m not writing this to panic people, but to bring awareness to people.  We need to take control over what comes into our homes and demand that companies reduce the use of chemicals.

New Fears of 3M Chemicals


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