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Methane From Cows October 29, 2009

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So, here we’ve blamed cow farts for all the methane in the atmosphere.  95% of the methane that is produced by cows is actually from cow burps.  Now that we have that straight I thought I’d also let you know that diet has a big impact  on cow gas.  There are studies showing that some simple changes and additions to cattle’s diet will reduce gassiness.  Adding items like garlic and fish oil as well as switching to high-sugar rye grasses, bird’s foot trefoil and clovers.  Plus if we can move cattle away from such a heavy dependence on corn that will also reduce cattle’s overall carbon footprint.  Producing corn uses a lot of petrochemicals.  It’s not just the farm equipment that uses fossil fuels.  The fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides and fungicides are all petrochemicals.  It’s just some food for thought.


2 Responses to “Methane From Cows”

  1. Clive Taylor Says:


    I can add some practical “evidence” to what you say. I’m a grassland livestock farmer. My cattle graze high sugar grasses, clovers and some trefoils. They also don’t belch very often or if they do it must be silent. To hear a fart is extremely rare. All the cattle bad press is about intensive production, as you suggest, where food has to be manufactured and brought in. As a grassland farmer, my tractor does 200 hours a year! That amount of usage covers all I need to do for 400 ewes and 60 breeding cows plus youngsters. In total up to 1,000 animals on the farm at maximum time of year. But I have a contractor make my hay which takes a few hours a year. I THINK my carbon footprint is low when you add back what the cattle and sheep produce, quality grassland.

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