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Basic Changes Can Help Climate Change October 27, 2009

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According to a recent study, if American’s made some simple changes in their daily life we could reduce America’s carbon footprint by as much as France’s total carbon footprint (that’s 123 metric tons).  In this study the researchers name 17 things people can do to make a big impact on the Nation’s carbon footprint.  Here’s the list:

1. Weatherization

2. Upgrading to super efficient HVAC equipment

3. Low-flow shower heads

4. Efficient water heater

5. Upgrading to efficient appliances

6. Low rolling resistant tires

7. Fuel-efficient vehicle

8. Changing HVAC filters

9. Tuning up house AC

10. Routine auto maintainance

11. Lower laundry temperature  (wash in cold most if not all the time)

12. Lower water heater temperature to 120 degrees

13. Standby electricity (unplug appliances and electronics not being used)

14. Lower winter thermostat to 68 degrees

15. Drying laundry on the line

16. Changing driving behavior (stop racing to a stop sign or stop light and stop racing away from a stop as well)

17. Carpooling and combining trips

All these steps will improve our air quality, lower pollution, reduce our dependence on foreign oil and save America money

PNAS has published the full paper.

Household actions can provide a behavioral wedge to rapidly reduce U.S. carbon emissions



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