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Algae Blooms September 27, 2009

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How do you reduce the blue-green algae blooms that have wreaked havoc on the Tainter and Menomin lakes?  It is a very complicated problem but there are  things that people who live along those lakes and rivers can do.  The first thing is to create a buffer zone between their property and the lake or river they live along.  The second course of action is to reduce runoff of phosphates.  Phosphates come from fertilizers that people use on lawns and crops.  Phosphates feed the algae blooms and make them worse that what they would naturally be.  Going to a natural lawn service and reducing the size of lawns would reduce phosphate use.  Encouraging farmers to create a nutrient management plan would be a good start to reducing fertilizer runoff.  The Wisconsin DNR has a Runoff Managment page online that addresses both farm and residential runoff.  There is more information about this in today’s Leader-Telegram.  Joe Knight wrote a very informative article on this subject.

WDNR Runoff Management


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