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Green Funerals September 15, 2009

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I hope to spend the rest of my life striving to be greener and helping others to be greener.  Whittling away at my carbon footprint is a big goal.  How then could I leave a huge footprint with my funeral and burial/cremation?  It makes no sense to me to use valuable resources such as metal to house my dead body underground or burn up in a cremation.  Thinking about a greener end of life has also changed  how I think about what I want done with my body.  For most of my life I wanted to be cremated, but considering how much energy is used in that process I have rethought that.

I now think I want the most natural process.  First I plan on donating my organs.  I do not want to be embalmed.  After all, I’ve spent quite a bit of time warning people about the dangers of formaldehyde.  Now, if we’re dead formaldehyde can’t hurt us, but it can hurt the environment.   I’ve also decided that I want a natural burial.  What is involved in a natural burial?  The first thing is a recycled or biodegradable coffin made from recycled paper, wicker, seagrass or wood.  All these are sustainably produced and are free of metal.  Finally I want to be placed directly in the ground, no concrete surrounding me, in a natural woodland setting.

To learn more about green funerals please check out these websites.


Natural Burial Company

Be a Tree


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