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Recycled Backpacks September 5, 2009

Filed under: Uncategorized — Tiffany C @ 9:06 AM

If you need a new backpack for the school year check out Lands’ End’s site.  They are carrying a serious line of bags made of recycled PET.  I’ve looked at other eco-friendly backpacks and been unimpressed.  The hemp ones available are nice if you’re just carrying a couple books and pens, but most middle school,  high school and college students I know are hauling some serious loads which include laptops now.  The solar panel bags are a lot heavier because of the solar panels and the gear plus they’re not necessarily made of recycled materials.  Patagonia also carries a line of recycled material packs, but they don’t seem big enough for a laptop and a load of books and they’re more expensive.  The Lands’ End line also includes a tote, lunch bag and a wheeled carry-on.  I just got the giant laptop backpack in green.  It may be more than I need even for college, but I’ll be prepared for anything with this bag.

Lands’ End


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