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Local Resource September 4, 2009

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I found a very pleasant surprise yesterday while going to get fixin’s for the holiday weekend.  Someone suggested I get our meat from Hahn’s market.  Off I went to Hahn’s, which is located near Eddy Lane by the DQ.  They have a great selection of high quality meat, local cheeses and much more.  They pride themselves on carrying locally produced goods.  I found the people to be very helpful and knowledgeable.  These were all great, but the really pleasant surprise was the Eco Picnic Pack that I found.  In the pack was eco-friendly disposables that are recycled and compostable.  Plus they also have a great selection of eco-friendly disposable cups.  All these items are especially great if you are picnicking away from home.  I know I said DON’T use disposables but when you have to haul stuff to a remote location I realize dragging tableware that is heavy and possibly breakable is really asking a lot.   Check out another great local business.  If you don’t live in the Chippewa Valley do a little digging in your town.  You may find a local treasure as well.

Hahn\’s Market


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