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Don’t Trash the Holiday Weekend September 3, 2009

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This holiday weekend forgo the disposables and use real dishes and silverware.  Even use cloth napkins if you have them.  I’ve stocked up on cloth napkins over the years and now have quite the stash to go to when we entertain.  It really doesn’t add much work to your party to throw a load of napkins in with towels.  Most of us have dishwashers and we should use them instead of using disposables.  Think of how much money you can save entertaining.   What a nice experience you create by using real tableware instead of plastic and paper.

If you feel you really need the disposables then go for items made of recycled content, non-tree content and compostable materials.  There are options out there.  Some you can get at your local discount department stores and some you can find on-line.  Here is one on-line resource I’ve used in the past.

Green Party Goods


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