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Entry for May 25, 2009 May 25, 2009

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It’s interesting to see how other parts of the country are going green. Or not, as the case my be in some places. Interesting and sad at the same time. Although I have to say that even places that you think won’t be doing anything or caring are starting to do so. It just makes me realize there is so much education that needs to be done. We need to start early in schools teaching our children the importance of conserving and being sustainable. Showing them they can make a difference and how that will benefit them in their lives. How they can save money and conserve the things of beauty around them. If you’re school system isn’t incorporating such curriculum then think about volunteering and going into your child’s classroom to talk about one of the simple ideas such as recycling or reducing energy by switching light bulbs or conserving water by putting aerators on faucets. If you’ve read my blog at all or watched any programs about going green then you know enough to do a small presentation to a classroom. It’s fun, informative and the kids really eat it up.

If you learned something or enjoyed this blog, please pass it along.

I hope everyone had a wonderful, long holiday weekend like myself. Enjoy those last few hours.


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