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Entry for May 20, 2009 May 20, 2009

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What’s in your drywall IS what’s in your home. We’re hearing reports of drywall from China being tainted with sulfur and other compounds not usually found in it. It is causing problems with wiring and making people sick. But it’s not just drywall that affects the air quality and health of your home it’s other building materials. Everything from spackle, flooring, insulation, paint, adhesives, plywood and the list goes on. When I read critics that bash using more expensive materials in places that you can’t see, I realize they don’t understand how these hidden items affect our indoor air quality. It does make more sense to use a less expensive cabinet (non-off-gassing) that can be replaced or upgraded later, then a product that will sit in your walls off-gassing for years. The items hidden are much harder to replace down the line and can mean gutting your home.

Whether you’re building from the ground up or doing a remodel always look for non-toxic building materials. You lungs will thank-you. There is drywall with no paper (won’t mold if it gets wet), formaldehyde-free insulation, plywood, chipboard, no-VOC paints and finishes and flooring. When materials that off-gas are used our indoor air quality can be more polluted than someplace like LA. Yuck! So, let’s clean up our indoor as well as our outdoor air.

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